Saturday, April 20, 2013

Still kickin'.

 Can you believe it?

Despite zero activity the last month or so...I'm still around.  Still popping by the LCS from time to time, still plucking cards out of dirty bins...though at a drastically reduced frequency.  So little time, so little extra cash. 

I hope everyone's been enjoying the first few weeks of baseball.  I have - though the Toronto's have been awful to watch.  No doubt this is about as bad as they can play...but my goodness, I hope they turn it around here soon.

I went to my first couple of games this week.  The first - we won't speak of.  The second, was a knuckleball show.  What a treat.  A great game by Mr. Dickey...though one shrouded with neck & back concerns.  Ugh. Hopefully nothing serious for R.A. 

Ah yes.  Injuries.  Weren't the Blue Jays tormented enough last year?  My goodness.  Jose Reyes had been the Jays best player...truly electrifying & then....

Have you seen this dude pitch?  Wow.  He's fun.  I wish he could pitch everyday.  The Mets should have some nice things go their way after some lean years, so I'm glad to see Harvey light it up. 

After much concern & hand wringing, Big Roy's had two decent starts in a row (though one against the lowly Marlins) fingers crossed that he's figured something out.  Baseball is just better when the Doc is Dealing.

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

2013 Turkey Red Blue Jays.

Ah yes.  Another Online Only Super Exclusive Base Ball Set From Topps Co of Brooklyn NY.

Last years Heritage Hi-Number irked me greatly for it's $uper Exclusive nature...and this Turkey Red set gives me all those same feelings.  I hate when Topps does this.  But yet again, wanting to nab the Blue Jays + the Roy Halladay card (which I haven't finangled into my PC yet) has trumped my disdain.  I am weak.


So here are the five Jays cards from Turkey Red.

Whaddya say Edwin...another 40 home runs or so? I put this card in my player collection binder or my Blue Jays binder?  I'll probably try to buy this card again to placate my desire to have the card in both binders.  Curses.


I can't wait to see Jose Reyes play for my team.  I've watched parts of some Spring Training games & my goodness...what a fun player.  Very tempted to start a Reyes PC.

Annnd here's Dickey's first Blue Jay card too.  Another player that's going to be super fun to watch.  With payday coming up on Friday, I think I'm gonna buy R.A.'s book. 


Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Haven't said this in awhile...

But Tony Fernandez was kinda the best.

As a kid I spent soooo, so many hours bouncing a tennis ball off of my parents house - trying to perfect his slingshot throws & smooth plays in the field.

What a player he was. 

Monday, February 18, 2013

Who You Callin' Dimwit?

Recently I completed a fun two for two swap with Sam from the prolific & great blog The Daily Dimwit.  Sam & I have made a few swaps & without question, his blog is a must many compelling posts & cards up in that joint!

I sent Sam a Gypsy Queen auto of Domonic Brown as well as an Angel Sanchez silk card from 2011.  In return I received the handsome Marcus Stroman auto you see above as well as this Drew Hutchison autograph:

I'm hopeful both pitchers can be solid contributors to the Blue Jays for years to come.

Thanks for the trade Sam!

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Trade with Cards On Cards.

Whoa.  Is that some kinda radioactive goo emanating from Jack Morris here?  He's glowing!!  Maybe this radioactive goo is responsible for Jack's Super Human ability to "Pitch To The Score"?  At any rate, Jack Morris is the new Radio & sometimes TV guy for the Blue Jays.  It should be interesting.

'Radioactive Jack' was sent to me via the very generous Kerry at the sublime Cardinals blog: Cards On Cards.  We swapped Red Birds for Blue Birds's some of the excellency Kerry was kind enough to send my way.

Blog hero Roy Halladay.  This is a card I didn't have, which is just tremendous.  I watched some of Roy's press conference yesterday & here's hoping he bounces back.  I'm none too hopeful for the 2013 Phils though. That division has gotten pretty wild with the Nats & Braves stepping up.  And Michael & Delmon Young?  Yikes.

Let's stick with pitchers for now.  I'd take this guy for the 'Best Pitcher Of The 80's' crown (if there were such a ridiculous thing)...but I'm also very biased.  Dave Stieb for all his orneriness, was filthy on the mound & still owns a good many Blue Jays pitching records. 

Kerry's package was choc full of compelling oddities, mini's & things like this Fred McGriff Toys 'r' Us card that are very welcome in my Jays collection.  I knew that Toys 'r' Us had issued cards at one point, but the few that Kerry sent are my first.  Huzzah!

I'd never heard of Raul Tablado prior to seeing this 'Lumber Cuts' Donruss he is!  Fun card.

There was a healthy number of 2012 Gypsy Queen included, including this handsome Romero patch as well as a number of mini's & mini variations that I was unaware existed.

Yep.  I had no idea this Eric Thames variation...was a thing.  Pretty nice shot of the departed outfielder. 

Of any Blue Jay...ever, George Bell has the coolest cards IMO.  So many of his cards have funny or oddly candid photos that sort of give you an idea about his character.  And from all that I've read, Bell was a very unique presence in the clubhouse of those 80's Blue Jays teams.  As he once famously said: "Those fans, they can kiss my purple butt..."

Here here George.

Thanks for the trade Kerry!

Sunday, February 10, 2013

Getting There.

We're in the home stretch now. 

A couple of years after it's release I can now see the finish line for the 2011 Heritage set.  When I began this undertaking I think I'd forgotten the....(ahem), joys of completing a set with sooo many dastardly short prints.  I'd swear off ever doing that again - but knowing myself, I'll probably follow another rabbit down the rabbit hole again. 

I'm getting ahead of myself a bit here though.  I still have seven more short prints to go......bah.  We'll call them: The Group Of Seven (completely original!)

They are:

#429 - Tim Lincecum (who's currently making me think of the lyrics to Pavement's: "Cut Your Hair")
#431 - Welington Castillo
#433 - Kyle Davies
#456 - Jeff Keppinger
#490 - Alex Rodriguez
#496 - McKenry/St. Pierre/Hatcher/Nickeas/Hill
#498 - Bell/Worth/Hughes/Plouffe

I'm gonna try to get this wrapped up once & for all.  If you have any of The Group Of Seven, please let me know & hopefully we can work out some sort of trade. 

Here are a few of the SP's that I've just recently roped in:

#467 - Robbie Cano.
One of my favourite swings in baseball.  A great player & most likely the next Yankee to be paid infinity dollars. 

#500 - Bourjos/Kalish/Nava/Heisey/Morrison

#447 - Shin-Soo Choo
Now the starting center fielder for the Reds, who look to be an excellent team again for the 2013 season.

Blue Jays pitchers & catchers officially report to Spring Training on Tuesday morning.

Friday, February 8, 2013

1st Halladay of 2013.

 I pulled this from a pack the other day & as the title's my first Roy Halladay card of 2013.  Huzzah!  We're officially on the board!  

It always feels more satisfying to pull PC cards like this from packs as opposed to snapping them up via COMC, eBay or Sportlots. 

As always, if you're itching to ditch your Roy Halladay cards, I'll be happy to house them.